Series 9000

Pilot Light Bar

Fully featured Class l/ll Pilot light bar, with a balanced array of LEDS providing an even distribution of light in both operation modes.

The Series 9000 Class l/ll Pilot light bar has been specifically designed meet the demands of the busy professional A grade pilot. The focus is on providing a highly effective, fully functional Class l/ll light bar that can be relied upon to perform every time, all the time.  The S9000 has an alloy plate covering the light bar which offers the polycarbonate lenses protection from the harmful effects of the NZ sun, this helps to prevent discolouration and cracking. The LED modules and electronics are encased and fully sealed against the environment. The S9000 offers all the functionality one would expect to find in a Class l/ll light bar, operated from compact controller that can be positioned anywhere in your cab with ease.

  • Sealed polycarbonate lenses
  • High intensity LED modules (x22)
  • Outputs for grill lights  (x2)**
  • Output for sign lights  (x1)**
  • Efficient – low power consumption
  • Protective alloy top cover
  • Alloy base with adjustable SS feet
  • 360 degrees of high impact warning
  • Silent, no wind noise, no mechanical noise

** Grill lights and sign lights sold separately.

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