Compressor Kits

On-board Air Compressor System

We've all had the painful experience of pulling up to a service station and the air pump isn't working. Save yourself the time and  hassle with the Polyair on-board air compressor systems. Add an on-board air compressor system to inflate and deflate your air springs with just the touch of a button, no matter the location.

Choosing the right air compressor is easy:

All of our air compressor kits will fit all Polyair spring kits, so it's up to you which kit suits your needs best.

Analogue means you can control the air bags from an analogue gauge from inside the cab area. Simple, easy controls.

Wireless means you can control the airbags via a remote or via Bluetooth with a free app from inside or outside the vehicle. There are no running lines to the cab area.

Single Path System means the air bags are routed together for an equal inflation. Two springs will inflate at the same time at the same rate. Perfect for loads that are even distributed or for weight over the tow bar.

Dual Path System means the airbag can be controlled independently from each other. Each bag has its own line, allowing for different pressures. This is perfect for uneven loads.

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